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Due to health issues, Pinball Pal orders have been delayed.

The on-line store is temporarily closed. Until it is re-activated, it will not be possible to place new orders. We are working to resolve the issues precipitated by the owner's health issues last year and hope to resume business as soon as possible.

Stealth Series Pinball Machine Protection Products

After months of testing and tweaking, we're happy to announce more new pinball protection products to go along with our popular Flipper Button Cabinet Protectors.Black or clear flipper button cabinet protectorsStealth leg protectors Now available are Start Button Cabinet Protectors made from the same crystal clear removable vinyl as our flipper button protectors (a Pinball Pal exclusive). Also check out these new cabinet leg protectors. They are easy to install and nearly invisible. Finally, there are these removable playfield wear area protectors, providing a safer and easier alternative to playfield Mylar. Save money with these combination packages, too. Because of their high performance and near-invisibility, we call these products the Stealth Series! Coming soon will be new Stealth series protectors for your pinball machine's playfield and cabinet, so check in here often for updates. 

Pinball and EM Arcade Game Cabinet Stencils


We offer professional-quality stencils for repainting pinball machine and electromechanical arcade game cabinets.  We use a new stencil material that makes the older vinyl stencils obsolete. Stencils are currently available for Gottlieb’s Black Hole, William’s Gorgar, Black Knight and Ten Strike manikin bowler, Bally’s Centaur, Paragon, Eight Ball, Wizard, Evel Knievel, Eight Ball Deluxe, Capt. Fantastic, KISS, Playboy, Fathom and Star Trek, with more coming.  And we now offer big quantity discounts on multiple stencil purchases!

DMD Glare Elimination Filter Kit


Here's a new and novel way to eliminate the distracting glare of the DMD on the playfield glass. Using high-tech 3M Microlouver material, the filters install quickly and are invisible and tamper-proof. They block all the light from the DMD that shines down onto the playfield glass, and they improve the contrast of the display.

Translite Color Warming Filter Kit


Install this filter kit and the fluorescent lamp behind your translite will look more like the traditional incandescent lighting of "days gone by".  We provide two levels of amber color filtering so you can get the color shift effect that you prefer.

Gottlieb® System 1 and System 80 Score Window Filters

We're happy to offer a solution to a problem vexing the owners of Gottlieb® System 1 and System 80 pinball machines. Many of the machines suffer from worn, faded or damaged backglass score windows. Here are adhesive color filters to restore the score and credit/match windows to like new condition. The color filters are available in blue or green, and enough filters are supplied for all the score and credit windows for any game.

Insert Color Correction Kit for New Repro Fathom and Centaur Playfields

The new repro playfields for Fathom and Centaur are great, but some have noticed that the blue inserts are much lighter than the originals. These adhesive color filters simply stick on the underside of the blue inserts for an instant improvement.

8-Track Tapes for Electromechanical Arcade Games

8-Track TapeHere's something that you won't find anywhere else. If you have an electromechanical arcade game that uses an 8-track tape cartridge for sound effects or background music, your tape is probably in pretty bad shape, if it's even there at all. Here you can get a replacement tape for many of these games. Each one is digitally re-mastered from the original sounds, and is recorded on quality new-old-stock (NOS) 8-track cartridges. And now available are replacement drive belts for some popular tape players.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on everything we sell, and we ship worldwide.  There are no minimum orders and we ship in-stock orders the day they are received (up to 2PM U.S. Eastern Time) whenever possible. Use our secure on-line Shopping Cart for fastest service - just click the Add to Cart button next to the products that you'd like and when you're done, Click on the "Shopping Cart" button over there up top. Our secure server accepts payment by credit card, PayPal, and check or money order by mail, and more.